Corporate Mandarin with Corpus

Welcome to our online Corporate Business Mandarin tutoring service. As the global economy continues to expand and China continues to grow in importance, being able to speak Mandarin has become increasingly important for businesses and individuals alike. Whether you’re looking to enhance your cross-cultural communication skills, build relationships with Chinese clients and partners, or simply expand your language abilities, our customised courses can help you achieve your goals.

Our competitive edge lies in our ability to tailor our courses to meet the specific needs and learning styles of our clients. Whether you’re an executive looking to learn Mandarin for business purposes, or a language enthusiast seeking to deepen your understanding of the language, our personalised courses can be tailored to suit your needs. Our experienced instructors work with you to create a curriculum that is suited to your level and objectives, ensuring that you get the most out of your lessons.

Our Features

We pride ourselves on providing effective courses that produce results. Our instructors use a communicative and task-based approach to language learning, meaning that you’ll be using Mandarin in practical and relevant contexts from your very first lesson. By focusing on real-world communication, our courses can help you quickly develop the language skills you need to succeed in a global business environment.

We are committed to providing quality pedagogy to all of our students. Our tutors are native speakers of Mandarin with extensive experience in teaching the language to foreigners. They are skilled at providing clear explanations of complex grammar structures and have an excellent understanding of both the Chinese language and culture. Our pedagogical approach emphasises building authentic communication skills while also ensuring that you develop a deep understanding of Chinese culture.

What do we offer?

Corpus Mandarin offers a wide range of services to meet the learning and development needs of individuals and corporations. This includes company leaders, senior managers, working professionals and executives, both locally and internationally.

By customising training programs for your employees, you can establish a clear connection between the course content, organisational objectives and their workplace experiences. Corpus Mandarin is capable of providing tailored corporate training programmes that align with your specific needs, as well as the language proficiency and functional specialisation of your employees.

Our programmes can be fully customised to meet your specific training requirements. We offer programmes in Conversational Chinese, Business Chinese, as well as our Cultural Immersion and Mandarin for Specific Purposes (MSP) courses.

Corpus International Education Pte. Ltd. has served a diverse range of corporate clients, including public sector organisations and established private sector companies such as the Mercedes Benz Taiwan, Takeda Taiwan, Merck Group Taiwan, National Taiwan University Hospital, Hermès Taiwan, Taiwan External Trade Development Council, Shell Plc, Budweiser, Burberry UK, Yahoo Taiwan, Neutec, Wistron, Macmillan Publishers, GoodCorporation, HillDickinson, Neutec, SK Hynix, Muji Taiwan, First Commercial Bank, Summit Law Firm Taipei, Cambridge Education Taiwan, among others.

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