Frequently Asked Questions

Language Training Arrangements

Yes, we offer customised lessons based on your specific language goals and needs. Our customised Mandarin tutoring service is perfect for those with specific language needs or interests. We understand that every student has different motivations for learning Mandarin and we take every opportunity to tailor our courses to match those motivations. Whether you are looking to expand your business and professional Mandarin skills, express yourself fully and easily in conversational Mandarin or learn comprehensive reading and writing skills customised to your business or personal interests, we provide an individualised program that utilises authentic cultural references to engage and challenge you linguistically and intellectually. Our experienced Mandarin Education Consultant will work with you to create a customised course syllabus and lesson plan tailored to your specific needs and objectives established in the 30-min orientation session.
Our Mandarin tutors (Corpus Stars) are native speakers with extensive teaching experience and training in Mandarin instruction. For instructors without a qualification, Corpus also offers teacher training programmes with certification support to ensure consistency of our services.
Each new learner of Corpus will be invited to conduct a one-on-one free orientation with an experienced Corpus Education Consultant. The structure of the course varies depending on the goals confirmed during the 30-min orientation. Typically, each class will include a mix of conversation, reading and grammar drills. Your instructor (Corpus Star) will also assign fun and engaging extended learning for practice outside lesson time.
No, there is no minimum commitment for taking Mandarin lessons. You can purchase a single lesson or multiple lesson packages.
You can start scheduling for Mandarin lessons as soon as you complete the registration and payment process. For customised programmes, we typically require a week of waiting time after payment for us to get your detailed syllabus ready.
Yes, we'll confirm the learner's proficiency in the orientation session. All of our one-on-one classes will be prepared to suit the language level of an individual learner, from beginner to advanced.
The duration of each Mandarin lesson varies based on the package selected or customised plan. This information can be found on the invoice before your payment. If in doubt, please contact your Corpus Education Consultant to confirm the length of your lesson units.
We use a communicative and task-based approach to language learning, emphasising real-world communication and practical usage of Mandarin.
Your Corpus Education Consultant will conduct regular checks and discuss your learning pace with you. We provide progress reports and a completion certificate after each term of 15+ sessions is completed.
Yes, we have multiple Mandarin tutors available and you may request a change if you feel like a different tutor would be more suitable for your needs. In order to request a change of tutor, please directly contact your Corpus Education Consultant.

Technology and Payment

You will need a stable internet connection, a computer, a tablet or mobile device with a microphone and speaker and the necessary software. All of our lessons and orientation sessions are delivered via Zoom.
The lessons are delivered online via video conferencing. All of our lessons are delivered via Zoom.
Yes, we allow cancellations and rescheduling with at least 24 hours' notice. Any cancellation or rescheduling requests must be made at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled lesson.
Currently, we accept wire transfer to one of the Corpus accounts in Singapore and Taiwan. The currencies we accept include USD, GBP, SGD, EUR, CNY and TWD. The payment will be charged depending on the selected package or the specific quote for your customised plan. We are working to make payment and billing more convenient for our learners.
If technical issues arise during a lesson, the instructor (Corpus Star) will work with you to identify and resolve the issue in the first instance. If the issue persists in a single class, our IT service team will also assist to resolve the issue and conduct a speed test for both the Corpus Star and the learner. If there is serious technical issue on Corpus Star's end that affects the quality of the lesson, the lesson can be rescheduled.

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