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Corpus Magazine

Corpus Magazine

Bridging the Gap: Equipping ESL Learners for Higher Education Success with Transition Skills #MyELTOC

At ELTOC 2024, a conference organised by Oxford University Press and Teaching English with Oxford, Ulla Fürstenberg’s talk on ‘Transition Skills in Higher Education: What, How and Why’ offered valuable insights for ESL/ELT educators like myself on how we can better prepare our students for this important bridge. …

The Human Touch in a Tech-Driven Future: Takeaways from ELTOC 2024 #MyELTOC

The future classroom – will technology replace teachers entirely? …

Empowering ESL/EAL Students for Academic Writing Success in Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore

ESL (English as a Second Language) students often excel in reading comprehension, vocabulary building and grammar exercises. However, the crucial skill of academic writing can sometimes be left behind, especially in countries like Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore. …

Helping Autistic Children Shine: Strategies for Bilingual Confidence in Singapore and Malaysia

At Corpus International Education, we’re committed to empowering all students to achieve their language learning goals, including Singaporean and Malaysian children on the autism spectrum. …

We Can Offer

We Can Offer

At Corpus, we believe bespoke cross-cultural learning is key.


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Examination Certification

When I ask a question, the tutor would always guide me through to possible answers instead of giving me an answer immediately. I would recommend Corpus to any people who are keen to learn Mandarin.

G. T., Edexcel IGCSE Mandarin A*


Business Mandarin

Selecting the appropriate course, organising a study plan, resource identification, one-one tutor sessions, class timing flexibility. Materials are clear, concise and relevant. I appreciate a very patient, professional, intelligent tutor that anticipates student needs and so is able to adjust the course on the fly according to progress and immediate needs.

V. T.

Entrepreneur & Senior Investment Advisor

Cultural Understanding

What I found most valuable about Corpus’s service are topic based conversation, pronunciation practice and also some aspects of chinese cultural background. I must say that I am super satisfied by the teacher’s engagement and pedagogic skills.

A. D-M.

Multinational General Manager

How does it work?

How does it work?
Book a free orientation
  1. Visit the Corpus Mandarin website and book a free orientation session.
  2. During this 30-minute online session, a senior education consultant will conduct a placement test to assess your current Mandarin proficiency level.
  3. Discuss your goals and objectives for learning Mandarin with the consultant.
  4. Based on the placement test results and your goals, the consultant will help you choose the most suitable learning plan.
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Book the appropriate package
  1. After the orientation session, you can book the recommended one-on-one packages directly on the Corpus Mandarin website.
  2. If you require corporate training or customised training plans, you can request a quote from your senior education consultant.
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Receive a comprehensive study plan
  1. Once you have booked your learning package, your education consultant will provide you with a comprehensive study plan.
  2. This plan will outline the topics, learning materials and an introduction to the Corpus Stars for your Mandarin lessons.
  3. You can discuss any specific preferences or adjustments you would like to make with your consultant.
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Start scheduling and learning with Corpus Stars
  1. Begin your Mandarin learning journey by scheduling and attending one-on-one online lessons with Corpus Stars, the language instructors.
  2. Make use of the extended learning resources and tools provided by Corpus Mandarin to enhance your learning experience.
  3. You can also explore and subscribe to the free courses available on the Corpus Mandarin website for self-learning.
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Track your progress
  1. As you progress through your lessons and learning activities, Corpus Mandarin will track your progress.
  2. Upon completion of your learning package or a minimum number of sessions (e.g., over 15 sessions), you will receive a certificate of completion.
  3. You may also receive progress reports to assess your development in Mandarin.
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Customised Corporate Training | Corpus Language Consulting

Customised Corporate Training

Our Business Mandarin Chinese programmes provide the foundation for success in a global business world and we look forward to helping your team achieve your Mandarin proficiency goals.

Free Online Course Modules | Corpus Language Consulting

Free Online Course Modules

The free Mandarin Chinese lessons offer bite-sized listening, reading, vocabulary and grammar exercises to learners who are interested in self-learning Mandarin Chinese. There are courses in simplified and traditional Chinese from novices to advanced levels.

One-on-One Tuition | Corpus Language Consulting

One-on-One Tuition

A diverse range of themes are offered based on professional or personal learning goals. Whether you’re looking to communicate in business contexts or just starting out, our one-on-one service can certainly fulfils your learning and development needs.

Cross-Cultural Communication | Corpus Language Consulting

Cross-Cultural Communication

Expand your understanding about the cultural and industrial analyses across Asia. Corpus Magazine encompasses cultural nuances and the latest trends that help global business leaders navigate in the Chinese market.

Popular Online Lessons

Popular Online Lessons