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Access to Corpus online learning modules


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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Corpus Mandarin differ from other Chinese tutors?

Corpus Stars, under the leadership of our founder, Amy Tsai, have been trained and qualified with in-depth linguistic knowledge. We therefore guarantee that learning experiences offered by Corpus Mandarin is of the highest standard and effectiveness. Our lessons are not only systematically organised but also engaging and fun, suited to each learner’s interests and goals.

How can I choose the package that works better for me?

We’re thrilled that you’re interested in one of the Corpus Mandarin services! To help you see the most effective progress of your Mandarin learning, Corpus Mandarin offers a 30-min free orientation session, where you can discuss your learning goals with a Corpus Education Consultant. The consultant may also assess your level of proficiency and provide a bespoke study plan following your booking. If you encounter any issue in the process of booking, please contact us through Whatsapp chat or via means listed on our website.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes. If you no longer wish to access the free 100+ courses and learning modules on Corpus, please sign into your account and cancel the subscription on the user console page.

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G. T., Edexcel IGCSE Mandarin A*

Examination Certification

When I ask a question, the tutor would always guide me through to possible answers instead of giving me an answer immediately. I would recommend Corpus to any people who are keen to learn Mandarin.


V. T.

Entrepreneur & Senior Investment Advisor

Business Mandarin

Selecting the appropriate course, organising a study plan, resource identification, one-one tutor sessions, class timing flexibility. Materials are clear, concise and relevant. I appreciate a very patient, professional, intelligent tutor that anticipates student needs and so is able to adjust the course on the fly according to progress and immediate needs.


A. D-M.

Multinational General Manager

Cultural Understanding

What I found most valuable about Corpus’s service are topic based conversation, pronunciation practice and also some aspects of chinese cultural background. I must say that I am super satisfied by the teacher’s engagement and pedagogic skills.